A Guide To Understand & Choose The Best Under Floor Heating In South West London

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Boilers throughout the UK is an essential appliance for the winters. It does not only provide you with warm water supply, but it can also be used to heat the premises. Although you’d need a system boiler to get all the extensive functionalities, the convenience is always unparalleled. Even though the HVAC systems are considered as an alternative to UFH, the difference in their radiance is very noticeable. Our Under Floor Heating in South West London transmits the heat into the floor, which heats the entire room. On the other hand, HVAC systems warm the inside air, which does not stay warm for long. It can also risk the health of people with a sensitive respiratory system.

Now there are two types of Under Floor Heating in South West London. One is the electric UFH system, and the other is water fed UFH system. Both systems perform great, but there are pros and cons to each one of them. The electrical underfloor heating is easier and inexpensive to install, but it can be costly to operate for larger areas. If you’re planning for a single room, the electrical underfloor system might serve better. However, if you need the entire premises heated, the water-fed underfloor system is the one you should opt for. It’s costlier to install than other heating system but operates with minimal energy and is durable for a very long time.

The heating process also improvises for the best quality Boiler Installation Services in Putney. Whenever you hire Acorn’s heating & plumbing services, we assure you to provide you with the best results at a reasonable charge. Though you need a traditional boiler, a Combi boiler or even a system boiler, our professional are skilled and competent for their installations. The same level of competence can be used to install a water-fed underfloor heating system to make your living cozier throughout winters. To understand the excess cost of installation of this system, the following steps will provide reasoning:


This process involves the clearing, filling, and sanding of the floor beforehand. Later the insulation is added to it. The insulation also acts as a moisture barrier if the leaks emerge in the piping to protect the structure. It also repels the heat loss and evenly spreads the warmth. You also need to call for the Boiler Installation Services in Putney to upgrade your system to support UFH.

Piping and Manifold Installation:

Once the preparation is completed, the manifold is installed in a place which can be accessed from all areas. Later the piping system is laid in a pattern and pinned down to retain its shape. There are an inlet end and the outlet end which both gets connected to the manifold.

After checking the pressure and assuring the system is operational. The final process proceeds.


It’s the covering process. A concrete mix with sand and water is prepared and with the help of the levelers, spread all over the system. This not only provides a stable flooring space but also encapsulates the whole Under Floor Heating in South West London safely.